Website Care Plans

Protect your Investment

Gone are the days of set-it-and-forget-it websites. Modern websites are complex organisms that need to be maintained in order to continue running smoothly, as well as stay ahead of any nefarious hackers or viruses.


While I don't require you to sign up for a Website Care Plan, I do HIGHLY encourage it. 

The work involved in maintaining, updating, editing, and keeping your site secure can be strenuous and advanced. On top of this, a neglected website is prone to break down whenever there is an out of date plugin, theme, or broken links. If your site is left un-cared for, it can lead to lower SEO rankings and less visitors overall.


I am happy to maintain and update your website so long as it was built on the WordPress CMS. 

If you are unsure, send me a message and I will let you know!

Nope, your site will stay up and running for the duration of maintenance. 

If you are a current website owner who only wants a Website Care Plan for a previously built site, please fill out this Website Care Plan Form here.

For new clients who have purchased a website package, you will receive the first 3 months of Website Care free! You will automatically be charged at the recurring rate after these 3 months.

If you would prefer not to stay on with the Website Care Plan, I understand. Simply send me a quick message here explaining why and I'll get your site in order.

WordPress Website Care Plan

Dash of Design Co. offers Maintenance and Management plans for all WordPress websites (even if they weren’t created by me!) Care Plans start at $30/month and include the following:

All updates to WordPress core*

Weekly theme updates*

Weekly plugin updates*

Weekly database maintenance (clear cache, empty spam folder, etc.)

Daily full site backups (minimum 3 months retained)

5 weeks of weekly backups stored redundantly

Daily security scans

Daily performance check

SEO keyword ranking and tracking

Uptime monitoring every 5 minutes

Monthly report

*Updates are always tested for compatibility!

In the event of issues or errors caused by updates, we will immediately restore your website to the last fully functional version. We will spend up to 1 hour troubleshooting and attempting to resolve any issues or conflicts. Technical support required beyond 1 hour will be billable at our standard hourly rate.

All Dash of Design Co. Website Packages includes monthly Website Care Plan, including security, updates, support & backups for the first 3 months, then from $30/month. See Website Packages here.