Top 5 Reasons WordPress is the Best Content Management System

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Why WordPress is the Best

For most business owners, words like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Weebly might sound like foreign terms. While they sound confusing, really these are all just names for different platforms where websites can be built.

Out of all these platforms, approximately 75 million – yes, MILLION – websites utilize WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System). There are loads of reasons for this, but here are my top 5 reasons why I choose to exclusively use WordPress for my client’s sites, as well as my personal sites.

1. Free

WordPress is free, open source software. Thousands of plugins and templates power a versatile and straightforward interface, which reduces overall cost when compared to other Content Management Systems, such as Wix.

While there are other costs involved in running a website (see hosting & domains), WordPress is free to download and install. There are optional additions to any website, with varying prices. Rest assured, your web designer will know what your site needs and how much it will cost.

2. Flexible

Because of its powerful flexibility, a website built in WordPress can be configured to do almost anything you can think of needing it to do. With the help of plug-ins, custom coding, and additional css, websites can be highly customized. Whether you need a basic one-page service website, a large catalogue, or even an e-commerce site, the flexibility of WordPress is second to none.

No matter the type of website your business needs, Dash of Design Co. can confidently provide that with WordPress’ incredible versatility. 

3. Freedom

WordPress also offers unparalleled design freedom. I’m able to add custom animation effects to draw the eye to important calls to action, hide or show specific elements depending on what device you are viewing from, and so much more.

For many businesses, having that little bit of extra pizazz can elevate your design and get you more leads.

4. Search Engine Optimization

There are a number of ways that WordPress is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s very lean with clean code. This means that it’s fast, which is something people and search engines like.

I understand the importance of your business being seen online. Good SEO can make or break that, so I make sure to follow best SEO practices, starting with a great CMS.

5. Community & Ease

WordPress has a massive online community, making it easy to find support online from hundreds of fellow users. Pretty much any issue or problem you may run into, someone else already has, and there’s a convenient blog post or forum on the issue and how to resolve it.

At Dash of Design Co., I firmly believe that your website should be easy for you to manage once it is built. By using WordPress, I set all my clients up with an easy-to-use backend of their site, where they can upload new posts, manage their media, and edit their content all on their own.

WordPress is the Bee’s Knees

WordPress has an impressive following around the globe. Some developers and web designers prefer to use other platforms, however, that has a lot to do with their training in coding and HTML, and they may opt for a less user-friendly option – as is their right!  As for bloggers, business owners, developers with clients, and e-commerce professionals, WordPress is the best choice. With the ease of use, unlimited capabilities, full freedom to customize and design, and endless growth of this CMS, I am confident in this platform for all my clients.